How to Promote Your Blog Through Twitter

It’s great to create an engaging blog that offers visitors to your website plenty of informative content – but that blog isn’t going to do much good if no one ever sees it. Promotion is a big part of running a successful blog, as you want to draw as many eyes to your new blog as possible in order to maximize its effect. Fortunately, there are plenty of free promotional opportunities through social media, which won’t cost you anything but your time.

One of those great opportunities is Twitter. You should already have a Twitter account to promote your business – and if you don’t, put that right to the top of your to-do list. Twitter is an incredibly popular social media platform, and businesses of all shapes and sizes use it effectively to draw attention and generate traffic. Among its many other uses, Twitter is a valuable way to promote your blog.

Tweet Every Post

At the very least, you should be sending out a tweet to your followers with a link to each blog post that you add to your site. This action will take only a few seconds to complete, and you can even use software that will automatically send out a tweet containing a link once a post goes live. Sharing your blog posts through Twitter can bring lots of visibility to your blog, especially if you have built up a good Twitter following. Use hashtags related to the subject of your blog. Twitter users can search hashtags in order to find content on various topics, so they don’t necessarily have to follow your account in order to see your tweets.

Follow the Trends

When it comes to promotions on Twitter, it can pay to follow the trends. You can easily see what topics on trending on Twitter, and you can then use those topics in a couple of different ways to benefit your blog. One method is simply to write blog posts about things that are trending, and relate them back to your business. You won’t find suitable trends every day to use on your blog, but even if you find one once every week or so it will be worth your effort. The other method you can use when it comes to trends is to relate blogs you have already written to trends that are taking place currently. In this case, you can simply post a tweet with a ‘hashtag’ that is currently trending, and also include a link to the blog post that is relevant.

Interact with Others

As the title ‘social media’ would indicate, the purpose of using sites like Twitter and Facebook is to be able to interact with others with just the push of a button. This is a great advantage as a business owner, as you can post a link to your blog and then respond to any comments or questions that come your way. Stay on top of your Twitter ‘mentions’ and be sure to reply to everyone in a timely fashion. Taking advantage of the opportunity to connect with potential customers is invaluable, so don’t let it get away. Being aware of your Twitter account is a simple step you can take to reel in additional business. There will only be a short learning curve when you start to use Twitter for your blog promotions, and the benefits of using this platform should be more than worth your time investment.



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