The New Twitter Feed Algorithm: What This Means For You

Twitter has rolled out a new algorithm for timelines that shows tweets based on relevancy to the user and not just listed in chronological order. Right now, users have to opt in to have this feature. In a few weeks, it will be the default view, but users can opt out of it. This feature is similar to the “while you were away” feature that has already been active on the site for a year now.

The new feature uses an algorithm similar to Facebook that is based on relevancy and rearranges the content in your Twitter feed instead of showing you every tweet from accounts you follow in chronological order. The idea behind this is to allow Twitter to select the tweets that you are most likely to want to view first when you open the app.

Tweets that have a lot of interactions such as likes and retweets will float above other tweets. This way you will be able to view the best tweets first and then you can gradually make your way down the normal feed that appears as it previously did. Here is what Twitter had to say about the new feature in their blog:

Here’s how it works. You flip on the feature in your settings; then when you open Twitter after being away for a while, the Tweets you’re most likely to care about will appear at the top of your timeline – still recent and in reverse chronological order. The rest of the Tweets will be displayed right underneath, also in reverse chronological order, as always. At any point, just pull-to-refresh to see all new Tweets at the top in the live, up-to-the-second experience you already know and love.

What This Means for You As a Marketer

If you are using Twitter to promote your brand, you should continue posting regularly and frequently. Tweet interesting topics that you think your target audience will enjoy. Look at past tweets to see which ones received the most likes and retweets then use this information to plan similar tweets in the future. Make sure that you continue to build your following. You can do this by following other relevant Twitter accounts and mentioning them in your Tweets.

With the new algorithm, there is no major impact on your ability to reach users. Many people use lists where they can group Twitter users into different categories. If you have built up a following, most likely you are already listed on several Twitter lists. This will help you gain more visibility.

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