White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO after the Penguin Update

Google implemented Penguin in 2012, an algorithm update designed to decrease the search engine rankings of sites that used what are known as ‘black hat’ SEO techniques. Black hat techniques artificially increase a web page’s rankings through techniques such as manipulating the number of links directing to a page, often referred to as link schemes. Google estimates that the Penguin update affects approximately 3.1% of search queries in English and about 3% of search queries in Chinese, German and Arabic. Read more

Keeping it Fresh in 2016 – SEO Tactics You Need in the New Year

SEO is an ever-changing process and needs to be adapted as Google modifies its algorithm to prevent people from exploiting weaknesses. Google implemented Penguin in 2012 to ferret out bad actors, and the upcoming 2016 update will be real-time, always evolving change, creating even a more challenging environment for SEO. Let’s look at some changes you should make in 2016 to stay at the top of your SEO game. Read more