How to Write a Press Release that Gets Results

Writing a press release involves a very clear set of rules. Too often business are quick to issue a press release without stopping to even question if a press release is warranted. If the press release is not newsworthy, no one is going to pick it up, completely defeating the goal of getting coverage and raising awareness among your target audience. One you’ve determined, yes, we have something newsworthy to say, it’s important that you abide by very clear rules – rules that make your press release easily adaptable and useful to journalists.

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Content Marketing Growth Hacking for Startups

Startup companies can really benefit from content marketing, if it is done correctly. It is a great way to promote a website online with a limited budget. However, the task can seem overwhelming at first. When done the right way, content marketing can really propel your brand and help you generate sales leads. It is also a great way to build trust with your customers, if you can position your company and team as an expert in your industry. Here are a few tips that startup companies can use to start a content marketing campaign: Read more

6 Ways to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

We have all been there. You have written about 10 blog posts and suddenly you can’t think of what to write. Or you are just starting a blog and are not sure what topics your readers would be interested in. Don’t worry, coming up with blog topics is not difficult at all. Using some of these simple tips will help you create fresh and engaging content on a regular basis. Read more

What is Content Marketing?

The goal of marketing your business online is to get people to visit your website and to turn visitors into customers. There are many online marketing tactics available to use. Some of the most popular include SEO, SEM and Pay Per Click ads. Content Marketing is an important and very cost effective area of online promotions that should be included in any marketing strategy. In fact, it can be said that both SEO and content marketing go hand-in-hand. Read more

5 Graphic Tools To Enhance Your Blog Posts

They say a photo is worth a thousand words, but a great photo, one that’s special and unique, is worth a thousand page views, perhaps more.

Often bloggers are operating on a limited budget and even more limited time and as result tend to rely on stock photos and curated visual content.  It’s not necessarily very exciting and it’s not uniquely you, but it gets the job done for the most part.  Is just getting the job done enough?  Does it really communicate the message you want to send about your brand and voice?  While your audience isn’t thinking poorly of you for using stock photos, rest assured, they’re not blown away either.  A lack of impression becomes an impression you don’t want and can’t afford. Read more

The Value of Blogging for Business Owners

One of the most-common mistakes made by business owners is not taking the time to run an informative and up-to-date blog. There are numerous benefits to having a blog on your website, and you will be missing out on a big opportunity if you don’t bother to create one for your business. While blogs have a reputation for being difficult and time consuming, you can actually operate a quality blog by investing just a little bit of time and effort. Read more