The New Twitter Feed Algorithm: What This Means For You

Twitter has rolled out a new algorithm for timelines that shows tweets based on relevancy to the user and not just listed in chronological order. Right now, users have to opt in to have this feature. In a few weeks, it will be the default view, but users can opt out of it. This feature is similar to the “while you were away” feature that has already been active on the site for a year now. Read more

How Often Should You Post on Social Media

One of the most common questions asked about social media marketing is how often should one post. Each social network has a different “ideal posting frequency” which can optimize a brand’s ability to engage with followers. When the posting schedule exceeds this ideal number, a social media account can lose followers. In order to be successful on social media, you need to experiment and pay attention to analytics to measure the results of your postings. Read more

How to Use Instagram to Increase Sales

Instagram was initially launched in October 2010 as a free app that allows user to share pictures and videos. This can be done publicly or privately, through the Instagram app or a number of other social networking sites, including Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Flickr. Instagram was distinctive in that photos were confined to a square shape, similar to old school Polaroids, unlike the 4:3 aspect ratio of most mobile devices. An update in 2015 allows users to share photos of any aspect ratio. Users can also enhance photos with a number of filters to create a unique appearance.
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Building a Following with Facebook Ads

There are over one billion active users on Facebook. This large user base provides a unique opportunity to advertise a business or product to a large amount of people, and more importantly target a specific subset of reader. Many businesses have taken full advantage of this and have managed significant business growth through Facebook Ads and social media interaction with customers. Read more

12 Steps to Launching a Successful Twitter Card Campaign

Does your business need a way to harvest the love of the Twitterverse? Business everywhere are maximizing potential with a popular, highly successful form of marketing known as Twitter Cards. Through Twitter Cards, businesses have been able to significantly increase engagement, whether it’s linking through to their home page, downloading an app, showcasing a product or highlighting a press release. Let’s take a closer look at Twitter Cards, and how to use them as an effective marketing tool. Read more