Quick and Dirty Tips to Generate Leads Through Social Media

How do you let people know about your website, product or service? The answer is now social media. Online marketing techniques always change every couple of years. Currently, social media is the core platform to get your message across to millions of people online. There are many different social media platforms to utilize in order to promote your brand.

Here are some social media stats according to We Are Social:

1. Social media usage continues to grow around the world, with global penetration rates now in excess of 30%
2. Facebook continues to dominate the global landscape, accounting for almost 1.5 billion users
3. More than half of the world’s population now uses a mobile phone

To get started with generating sales leads through social media, the first thing you will need to do is to setup a blog. Your blog will be one of the quickest ways for people to learn more about what you are offering and will give people a reason to visit your website. You also want to make sure that you update your blog at least once per week. Updating your blog multiple times per week is even better but not always necessary. Good, quality content will make people interested in your product or service regardless of how many times you post.

For this article, we will review Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Youtube since these have been around for a while and are amongst the most popular channels.

This free tool is a great way to promote your blog content, website and youtube videos. It is used by millions of people around the world in many different languages. Twitter is the go to source for journalists. Its also heavily used by teenagers and millenials. It is also a great B2B platform to promote your company online, network with other professionals and even get feedback for ideas.

The secret to promoting through Twitter is simple: tweet often. If you have a blog (which you definately should) you can use Twitter to promote your blog articles. Attach an image with your tweet as visual content is a sure fire way for your tweets to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. When promoting your blog articles make sure that you blog posts have Twitter cards installed – when people retweet your blog article, an image will be shared as well. This will help get your tweet noticed.

Create a company Facebook page and share your blog articles and videos. Its best to upload your video directly to Facebook for easier sharing. You can pay Facebook to promote your blog posts or your page. Make sure you create interesting, funny, eye-catching and thought provoking content so that people will be more inclined to share with their friends. Facebook differs from Twitter in that for pages, it may require you to use ads or promoted posts to get more visibility. However there are ways around this. You can let your Twitter followers know about your Facebook page. You can also share your Facebook page on your blog or website to gain more followers.

Linkedin allows users to publish articles directly on their profile and share with others easily. Build up your connections and then regularly share your blog content or write articles directly on the site. You can also pay to promote your company page or use their ads to promote your landing page.

This popular social media tool is great for promoting products such as beauty products, fitness, food, music, artists, fashion, home decor and many other industries. Make sure you can share really nice pictures that are eye catching. You can easily grow your followers by following other users. You can also find popular Instagram personalities and have them promote your products on their profile by giving your product to them or paying them for advertising. This is becoming a very big trend now.

Everyone loves watching videos. You can create a how to video, or a video that helps your viewers solve a problem or improve in some area. How to videos are really popular. You also don’t need a large budget to create some simple videos. Do a quick Youtube search using a popular keyword search in your niche to get a quick idea on what viewers might be interested in. Then once you create your video share it all over your social networks.

Social media allows you to quickly promote your brand and can lead to more website visitors who can turn into customers when done the right way. It will take some time to setup at first, however the returns will be worth the effort. Content marketing should be part of your social media strategy as you want to have good content on your website to bring visitors there and then to convert them into sales.

About the Author:

Alma Abreu writes about content marketing, Latino marketing and social media. She helps businesses with content marketing and social media campaigns in both English and Spanish.


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