How to Make Money Blogging

Blogging is an inexpensive way to draw attention to your website, product or service. It can also bring in significant revenue. There are many bloggers who earn a full-time living from their blog alone.  It does, however, take a lot of hard work and requires a lot of dedication. This hard work can result in a great return on investment as extra income and even new business or career opportunities.

Affiliate Marketing
This is a good place to start when you want to make money from your blog. Affiliate ads pay you a commission every time someone clicks or purchases from a link that you provide on your blog for a specific company. There are many different companies offering affiliate opportunities. Amazon is a very popular affiliate program as they offer a wide variety of products.  Depending on the subject of your blog, you can earn a good amount of revenue from Amazon.

For instance, if you have a photography blog, you can share links to cameras and accessories on your blog. Amazon is a great affiliate program for product centric blog posts and consumer facing content. For B2B focused blogs like software companies for example, there are other affiliates that you may want to consider as well. Sites such as LinkShare, ShareASale, and Commission Junction are often used affiliate program sites that feature 1000’s of different affiliates ranging from B2B and B2C products and services.

In order to create significant revenue from affiliate ads you need a lot of visitors to your blog. Create a content marketing strategy to promote your blog online and create loyal readers. You can utilize a wide range of marketing techniques including SEO, social media marketing and even Pay Per Click ads.

Google AdSense
One of the easiest ways to make money through your blog is to use Google AdSense. The key to success with Adsense is to build a targeted campaign around the topic of your blog posts. For example, if you sell auto parts, then used car dealers could be a good target market to advertise to. Google Ads should also be placed strategically throughout your blog.

Other Advertising Services
There are other types of advertising tools that you can choose from, including selling ads and text links, doing paid reviews, and using pop-up ads, among many. It is important to evaluate your blog to determine the best strategy for your niche.

By evaluating the different advertising services available such as InfoLinks, PulsePoint, SponsoredReviews, etc., you can determine which company is best for your particular niche and your blog. Don’t go overboard with your advertising, however, as it can take the focus off of your blog content, which is the first thing that your readers will look for and what they really care about.

You may not have thought of this as a way to make money, but many ebook authors make quite a bit from the sale of these types of products. You want to become known as an “expert” in your niche and build trust with your readers.  Take the time to write an ebook that is relevant to your niche and important to the readers of your blog. Selling ebooks can be a great way to bring in additional income and make your blog profitable.

Offer your ebook as a product on your site. Make it easy for visitors to purchase and instantly download it. Otherwise, it will not be as financially profitable for you in the long run.

You can make money blogging.  Whether you are offering a product or a service, you should do your research to find the right combination of tools to make money blogging. This is not an overnight endeavor, but it can be well worth it when you are consistently bringing in money month after month. When done the right way, blogging can help you earn extra income and also help you promote your brand. The key is to take your time finding the right tools for your particular site and niche. 

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