How to Increase Website Traffic With Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most important factor in bringing more visitors to your website each month. It is the most important factor for SEO as search engines rank pages higher that have good, quality content. Using this strategy builds loyalty and motivates your visitors to stay interested in your website and brand.

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Content marketing is also considered one of the most non-obtrusive ways to do inbound marketing because good content provides additional value to readers, rather than trying to sound “salesy” or pushy to potential customers. Here are some content marketing techniques to increase visitors to your website.

Start Out With a Blog

The number one content marketing strategy that will bring more visitors to your website is to have a blog where you post new articles every week. Quality content matters here, so your blog posts need to be written well, the subject should help your readers in some way, and they should be based on topics that your target audience wants to read.

Research has shown that longer content pages will rank higher in search engines than short content pages (according to Search Engine Land). A study conducted by SerpIQ, found that for the top 10 search results, the  average length of words that these pages contained was 2,000.


Your blog posts should also be very easily shareable. Meaning, you need to make it easy for people to share the posts on their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. You can do this by installing social sharing buttons on each blog post. For example, WordPress has many different plugins that allow you to do this. Your blog needs to be mobile friendly, so make sure you use a blog setup that reads well on a mobile view.

Social Media Promotion

You can write a really good blog, but if you don’t promote it, nobody will read it. The way you accelerate promotion of your blog posts is to share it on social media. This requires that you have a nice follower size to begin with. Twitter is a great place to quickly build a following and what is great about Twitter is that it is free. Facebook is also a great place to share your blog posts, however if you are using a company page, you most likely have to pay to “boost” your Facebook posts.

You can also get good results using Facebook as it is one of the most popular social media sites available. You can also utilize Facebook ads to promote your page and target your ads to a specific demographic of users. Linkedin is also great for B2B companies that want to reach a business audience. You can share your blog posts or even write articles on Linkedin directly. Always share a link to your website if you choose to use the Linkedin article feature.

Social Media Management Tools

It can be time consuming to write blog posts and also manage your social media accounts. There are a number of really good social media posting tools that allow you to schedule your posts in advance. You can also use tools like Hootesuite and Buffer to automate your posting schedule. Facebook pages have a feature which allow you to schedule posts. Keep in mind though when posting on Twitter, you need to also utilize hashtags, as users search for topics based on this. With Twitter, posting often will get your blog posts seen more often as there are millions of Twitter users and each one has many different tweets on their feed. You will need to tweet often to see more traffic to your site.

Graphics Get Attention

Utilize graphic images in your blog posts and social media updates as this will grab reader’s attention.

A Stanford University study revealed that 46.1% of more than 2,500 people surveyed said visual design is the top criteria for deciding a website’s credibility.

Images and infographics within your blog posts will keep your readers engaged and will give your post more credibility. Credibility is important when establishing trust with your readership. This can also lead to sales if you are selling something on your website. Appealing images can dress up your post, attract a visitor’s attention and encourage them to stay longer on your page.

You can use free image editing tools like Canva to great blog post graphics. Using your own pictures that you have taken on your camera or smart phone can also help dress up your post. There are also some free stock photo websites where you can download royalty free graphics. Some of these include:, Unsplash, Gratisography and Splitshire.

Collect Emails

An email list is important because it is a direct way to communicate with your readers and keep them engaged. And if you are planning to sell products or services, your email list is going to be the way that you continue selling to your customers.

A popular saying with marketers is “the money is in the list.”

It is very true.

Your mailing list will help you maintain and increase your monthly website traffic when you send out newsletters or new blog posts to your subscribers.

Everyone has an email which they check several times a day. Most people who have smartphones are logged into their emails and receive push notifications whenever a new email comes through. Consumers are more naturally receptive to things in their own inbox since they are filled with things they elect to view with some level of privacy. To increase website traffic, you can send out valuable content to your current customers and prospects who have an interest in what you are selling.

You can use an email service such as Mail Chimp or Aweber. These tools allow you to create email signup forms very easily. To increase your email signups, place a form on every single blog posts and on each page of your website. To maximize your email signup rate, offer something for free in exchange for an email. You can offer instant incentives that they can get for free immediately after providing their email such as a free ebook, guide, coupon or anything else you would like to offer.

Webinars are another great way to grow your email list. Since they have both quantity and time limits on the number of people who can attend, you can use this strategy to get people to quickly signup for your webinar by providing their email. Webinars are another way  to help you stand out from the competition. Everyone has a blog and an ebook. Why not offer something different and more interpersonal? Webinars are great for helping people build responsive email lists. Meaning your responsive subscribers will be more likely to open your emails, click on your links and buy what you are selling.

Pay Per Click Ads – PPC

Paid search on Google and Bing or social media ads are other ways to attract visitors quickly to your website. It will also help you build your brand and get your website in front of people. If you are selling something, PPC ads are the way to go. Depending on your budget, you can attract many new sales using this method. With PPC ads you can target users based on geographic location, age group, language, and interests. Facebook ads are popular form of paid advertising as over 1 billion people use the social networking site each month.

If you have an ebook, you can create a PPC ad to get people to signup to receive the free ebook. You can also sell ebooks through your PPC ad. When using this technique, it is important that you write a good landing page using copywriting best practices. Long copy on landing pages may work better than short depending on what industry you are in and what the topic of your ebook is. You can try two different versions of your landing page, one with long copy and the other with short copy to test out which version converts more visitors into sales.

How has content marketing worked for your website or brand? Have you been able to get more visitors to your website? Comment below on your experience.

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