How to Get 1,000 Twitter Followers in a Month

So you have a business or a service and you want to use Twitter to promote your brand. You just opened your account and are wondering how to increase your following. There are some very simple strategies that you can use along with a host of tools to help you get 1,000 followers within your first month. It is very simple.

Following – The Oldest and Most Effective Tactic Since Twitter Began

Following other people on Twitter is the sure fire way to get more followers quickly and for free. You can always use the paid Twitter advertising service to grow your followers, but depending on your budget, you may want to begin with an organic following at first. The beauty of Twitter versus other social networks is that information travels extremely fast. You can grow your followers very quickly by following other people in your niche or target market.

One mistake some people make is that they just follow anybody. This is a bad idea. If you are a business, you need to follow people who are willing and interested in learning about what you have to offer. But who do you follow? Below are some examples:

  • Follow your competitor’s followers – this is the easiest method to begin with. Typically, the people following your competitors would most likely be interested in what you are selling.
  • Follow your niche – if you are a test preparation company for example, you may want to follow students, if you are a software company you want to follow people in IT (especially purchasing managers).
  • Follow similar people related to what you do – for example if you are a law firm, you can follow paralegals, legal technology companies, law journals and news sites – just to get started.

Engage with Your Audience

You can’t just follow people; you need to speak to them directly as well. You can send out a thank you tweet when new people follow you. Commenting on interesting tweets is also a good idea. You want people to know that there is a real human behind your Twitter account. You also want to build a relationship with people and organizations by engaging in actual Twitter conversations.

Post Frequently and Use Hashtags

To grow your Twitter following very quickly, you need to tweet frequently. For maximum activity, you can tweet every hour. If your business doesn’t have the time to allocate to this task, you can outsource this as many people and organizations do. The other option is to just tweet every couple of hours. Tools like Buffer and Hootesuite let you schedule your posts ahead of time. You also need to use hashtags. Many people search for topics using hashtags so make sure you use hashtags related to the topic of your post.

A Numbers Game

Twitter puts a limit on how many people you can follower per month and they do not share the exact numbers. It is based on an algorithm related to follower ratio. So you can begin by following as many people as you are allowed to. The more your follower ratio is balanced – meaning you must be following a good amount of Twitter accounts relative to the number following you back – the easier it is to follow a larger number of Twitter users.

Twitter is perfect for B2B and B2C marketing. It is a free tool that businesses can benefit from. Growing a large Twitter following can take time, but using these simple tips, you can make this process go a lot faster.

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