How Often Should You Post on Social Media

One of the most common questions asked about social media marketing is how often should one post. Each social network has a different “ideal posting frequency” which can optimize a brand’s ability to engage with followers. When the posting schedule exceeds this ideal number, a social media account can lose followers. In order to be successful on social media, you need to experiment and pay attention to analytics to measure the results of your postings.

The most important thing to take into consideration is to post interesting content that your followers, friends or connections will enjoy and find valuable. Each social media network has different posting rules. Let’s look at what works best for some of the major platforms.


If you have a business or fan page, the best posting schedule for Facebook is 1-2 times per day during the weekday and only once per day on weekends. According to research conducted by Social Bakers, big brands that posted 3 times per day had a lower engagement rate. But this depended on which industry they were in.

Facebook has algorithms in place that filters out posts and displays only what Facebook thinks each user wants to see based on their interests and past likes and engagement with the page. If users don’t engage with posts from a company page, they will stop seeing the posts. To be effective on Facebook, it is not necessary to post frequently compared to other social networks like Twitter, where multiple posts are necessary in order to get noticed. Posting higher quality content is more crucial on Facebook to get better results. The best thing to do is try out different posting frequencies to see what your fans react to the most.


Unlike other social media platforms, the more tweets you send out per day, the better chances they will actually be viewed. You can send out a tweet every hour, especially if you want to reach international users in different time zones. Twitter has rolled out a new algorithm which sorts a user’s feed into what Twitter things they would be most interested in. It is the same thing as the “while you were away” feature that has been in existence already for a year. However, this is now an opt in feature, meaning that users have to choose this.


It is best to post only 20 times per month according to Linkedin. This means that you should only post once per day and during the weekday, Monday through Friday. Most Linkedin users don’t check the site on the weekends as this is more of a job and career tool. It is best to avoid posts that are too promotional and instead post industry news and business related topics that can help your readers. Linkedin is best for B2B companies. So if your target audience are businesses and not individual consumers, this is the perfect platform to market your services.


Your followers will get annoyed if you post more than 1-2 times per day. The ideal posting schedule is one good image per day and that’s it. Once per day is really best as your followers may dislike multiple images in a single day and unfollow you.

To get the best results with social media, it is best to experiment to see how your followers react. There are different analytic tools that can be used to measure engagement. Facebook pages come with analytic reports and each Twitter post displays an engagement measurement. If you use social media scheduling tools like Buffer or Hootesuite, they come with built in reports.

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