How Law Firms and Solo Attorneys Can Use their Blog to Market their Services

Blogs are often the heart and soul of content marketing because of their potential to drive social media interaction, aid in search optimization and bolster the sales process. A blog is a business’s privately owned media: always on, quick access to crisis management, and a way to have your message in front of clients 24/7. A full 25% of businesses surveyed by HubSpot ranked blogs as critical to their business, 34% ranked them as important, and 22% ranked them as useful.

In the online marketing of law firms, blogging is one of the top forms of promoting business. Let’s look at some of the way blogging can be used in driving social media contact and better search engine results.

Show Off Your Expertise

Blogging provides your law firm with a chance to show off its areas of expertise. Whether your firm specializes in family law, personal injuries, or criminal defense a blog gives you a chance to flesh out topics in detail and show why the services you offer set you apart from your competitors.

Keep Content Fresh

Remember to keep it fresh; it’s important to update content at least once a week. Search engine optimization can’t be achieved without fresh content being introduced regularly. Separate content into categories for the best search results.

Become a Resource

By building up a solid blog with regular posts you can increase the likelihood of other websites offering a link to your blog. Once you have a hundred or so posts, you’re now a potentially great resource that can be offered as a source of good information to others.

A Great Social Media Strategy

Content drives social media, and connecting your blog to top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest is a great social media strategy.

Leverage Press Releases

Whenever your law firm issues a press release use this as a great source for content for a blog post. Prepare a shorter version of the release for the blog post, and be sure to use unique content rather than copying directly from the press release.

Engaging Through Comments

Consider allowing people to comment on your blog. Search engine algorithms are driven significantly by customer comments and engagement and you’ll be missing a lot of potential by not allowing comments. Further, comments are a way to dynamically engage with potential clients and receive their feedback, allowing you to make better assessments regarding the effectiveness of your blog posts.

Reach Your Network’s Influencers

Blogging allows you to reach out to other influencers within your social network. Influencers who share your blog will help drive your search engine rankings and increase traffic to your site.

Make Use of Your Experts

Utilize your law firm’s top authorities on various subject matter. Even if they don’t have time to write the blog posts themselves, you can have it written and posted under their name with their approval. Set these posts up with Google Plus AuthorRank to show writers are serious and trustworthy. AuthorRank will result in a higher level of trust among your readers.

Blog Posts and Printed Material

Blog posts can be printed into a book or booklet that can be used as a resource guide by clients and potential clients, increasing their trust and allowing you to maximize public relations opportunities. The availability of printed source material can also help lead to increased speaking engagements, which in turn can further build your brand.

Final Thoughts

Blogging is an essential strategy for law firms these days. Be sure your blog is on rather than Create a separate blog and URL for areas of specialization. Topic-specific posts tend to generate more interest than general marketing posts, and specific topic posts are more frequently shared. Finally, be sure to link back to your site on each blog.

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