How Law Firms and Attorneys Can Market to Hispanic Clients

US Hispanics make up a large portion of the US population. They are also often the victims of personal injury accidents, assaults, labor law violations and disputes.  Many times they are in need of immigration law help for themselves or family members. If your law firm wants to acquire and work with Spanish speaking clients, it is important to understand how to effectively market and work with this growing population. Here are some tips to help you work with Hispanics whose primary language is Spanish:

Spanish Website Content
Law firms and solo practices should make sure they have an all Spanish version of their website. This can be a brand new domain or a sub-domain on their existing site, entirely in Spanish. Spanish landing pages can also be used. Make sure that you have a good Spanish copywriter who can write the website content explaining your specific practice area and how you can possibly help clients.

It is also important that your Spanish copywriter uses Latin American Spanish versus Spanish from Spain. Also, depending on which  city or state your law firm is located in, you may want to target a specific Hispanic ethnic group (for example Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Salvadorean, Honduran, etc). Working with a good marketing firm that knows the Hispanic market well, can help your firm target a specific group using a language that they can understand.

Your Law Firm should also use Pay Per Click ads through Google or Bing Ads. You can target for your specific city and state. Research the Spanish keywords being used for a specific practice area such as personal injury, workers compensation, criminal law, etc. You can set your daily Ad spend through Google and Bing Ads in order to stay within your budget.

Facebook Ads
Facebook is also a great way to advertise to Hispanics who use this social networking site heavily. You can target specific demographics for age, interest, language, etc. You can also select “Hispanics” who speak Spanish only or bilingual. Since most Hispanic Facebook users communicate in both languages, you can also select both.

Youtube Videos
Video marketing is a great way to market your law firm practice. You can hire Spanish language voiceover or use someone within your firm who speaks Spanish. Or you can even try speaking from a Spanish script (with some practice). You can share your Spanish video on your landing page or the home page of your website.

Hire Hispanic Staff
If you are not bilingual, try to hire a bilingual paralegal or legal assistant to help you work with Spanish speaking clients. It is also great to have an attorney on staff who is fluent in both Spanish and English when possible, especially if you wish to target the Spanish speaking market. There are also legal interpretation companies can be used when working with clients whose first language is Spanish.

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