Know How to Choose the Best Visuals for Your Content with Help from Photographers

As one of the web’s leading creators of stock imagery, the Rawpixel team spends a lot of time thinking about how we can create the most authentic, useful, and engaging stock photos possible.

We know that when marketers create quality content, their goals aren’t too different. Conveying a brand story, connecting emotionally with your audience, and conveying crucial information about products or services: all of this can be accomplished with a single well-chosen image.

These considerations aren’t limited to marketers. To create effective stock photos, we’re thinking of many of the same things you are, but from the other side of the lens.

Here are 4 things we consider when creating high quality stock images.

  1. Concept

They say that a picture is worth a 1,000 words. We’ve never counted, but we can say for sure that the perfect image says it all. As creators of both free and exclusive stock photos and designs, concept is our world.  What does our image say, and how?

And of course, it helps to remember that not every message or concept is literal or obvious. The best images relay a concept in a way that is easily identifiable, yet fresh and exciting. The image below of an open road, for example, can call to mind ideas about travel pretty clearly. But it can also symbolize freedom, adventure, options, possibility, or any number of other ideas.

  1. Styling

Think about when you walk down the street and a stranger catches your eye. Maybe they’ve got a hip haircut, or an impeccable outfit, or an interesting accessory. You may not even be able to put your finger on exactly what it is that makes them attractive, but you know you like their style. Humans are drawn to things that look good to them. That’s why it’s called being ‘attracted to’ someone. Similarly, attractive images are compelling images.

When we compose photographs, we pay attention to details and make sure that everything is chosen based on its aesthetic beauty. This sense of style is what makes engaging images so attention-grabbing and memorable.

Rawpixel2Courtesy of © 2016 Rawpixel Ltd


  1. People

When you choose an image for your blog post, website, eBook, or other type of content, your main goal is probably to communicate an idea and concept. You’re trying to convey information and tell your audience something.

Equally important, though, is your desire to connect with your audience. People respond to people. Customers buy things from people, not companies. Show your audience that you are people by using images with people.

Don’t just show them any old stock photo model, though. Rawpixel aims for authenticity in everything we do, and choosing the people we shoot is no exception. Why choose too-perfect model types that reflect only a small part of the population?

If you want to connect with your audience, tell them about your company. Do that using images with people that look like you, and look like your audience.

Rawpixel3Courtesy of © 2016 Rawpixel Ltd


  1. Perspective and Angle

The world is experienced from many angles. There’s plenty of ways to look at something, and we shoot from every possible perspective. This gives our images freshness and makes them interesting and engaging to the viewer. It sets us apart. Think outside the box, and see the possibilities of meaning and expression that arise when you approach a concept from a new angle.

Think of a diamond or other precious gem. These beautiful stones are cut with facets that catch the light like a prism does. Depending on how you turn it, the stone will reflect the light in a different way.

Your concepts, subjects, and messages are the same. Turn them this way and that, and give your audience a richer understanding of whatever you’re trying to say.

RawPixel4Courtesy of © 2016 Rawpixel Ltd


When everything is said and done, our goal as photographers and designers is, like that of all creatives, to create something unforgettable and amazing. The images you choose have the power to turn your article, blog post, or eBook into something your clients will come back to again and again.  


About the Author:

Anastasia Sasewich works in communications at Rawpixel, a leading creator of authentic, high-quality stock imagery. All Rawpixel photos and designs (including those in this post) were made by the Rawpixel team. Sign up at their website to access their free photo library and get exclusive sneak-peek images from their shoots.

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