Content Marketing Growth Hacking for Startups

Startup companies can really benefit from content marketing, if it is done correctly. It is a great way to promote a website online with a limited budget. However, the task can seem overwhelming at first. When done the right way, content marketing can really propel your brand and help you generate sales leads. It is also a great way to build trust with your customers, if you can position your company and team as an expert in your industry. Here are a few tips that startup companies can use to start a content marketing campaign:

Start Out with a Niche
There is a lot of content available all over the web. To make your brand stand out from the crowd, it is best to begin with a niche target market and a subject that is rarely written about. Think about what can benefit your target audience and write blog articles on this subject. Also, think about your value proposition and combine that with whatever content you decide to publish. Your content marketing strategy needs to set your company apart from the competition. Use blog articles, videos and infographics that your target audience will benefit from.

Study the Competition
Look at what other companies in your industry are doing and read their blog articles thoroughly. View their social media posts to get an idea on what topics people are responding to the most. Which blog articles got the most likes, retweets and shares? This is an easy way to come up with interesting blog post ideas. You need to make sure however, that your content is original and not copied from another blog. You can give your own twist or spin on a popular topic. Make sure your writing is unique. Write about the topics related to your product or service that set you apart from the competition.

Keywords and Hashtags
Google has a wonderful tool that allows you to research popular keywords and search terms. Build your articles around this. These tools can also help you identify those keywords that have high traffic and medium to low competition. Also, look up popular hashtags on Twitter. Those can point you to popular articles being shared through Twitter and other social media sites.

Hire Good Writers
The best way to gain success in content marketing in a sea of competition is to focus on quality. Hire good writers and don’t sacrifice quality. Many startups use freelance websites to find writers. A word of caution: you need to pay a reasonable rate to get quality content produced. Good writers usually charge a bit more. It is worth the investment in the long term. Your articles and content are a reflection of your brand. There are a lot of good writers who offer reasonable rates. Choose wisely.

Share, Share, Share
Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin to share your articles. Twitter is a good tool for sharing blog articles. You can even repeat and recycle content throughout the day as people often check their social media accounts at various times. Popular times to view content is in the early morning and late at night (while people are laying in bed and look at Facebook on their phones).

Optimize for Mobile Viewing
Everyone is using their mobile devices to search the internet. Mobile use has exploded within the last few years. Sometimes people don’t even use their PCs or labtops and only view through mobile. Make sure that your content is optimized to display well on mobile devices or else your efforts will be pointless. Mobile devices now supersede desktop devices for internet searches.

Use Social Media Scheduling Tools
You can schedule your social media posts to share your content with Hootesuite, Buffer and Edgar. Each tool comes with pros and cons even though they are similar. Using these tools will help you save time and money and they come with reports to help you measure your social media campaigns.

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