How to Grow Your Business Through Content Marketing

Content marketing can produce great results when utilized correctly. It can help you grow your customer base and generate more leads each month. It has been found that consumers take time to research a product or service before making purchases. Content marketing can help potential customers know more about your brand and help you establish trust.

Why is Content Marketing Important?

According to a study by GE Capital Retail Bank, consumers do extensive research and compare prices before making major purchases. The study found that 81% of consumers do research online and spend about 79 days gathering information before making a major purchase. What does this mean for your business? Well, it’s simple. It means that you need to create interesting content to share with visitors to your website or social media accounts that will grab their attention, help them in some way and give them a reason to purchase what you are selling.

A good content marketing strategy utilizes blogs and social media promotion to increase website traffic and create a reader following. Other forms of content marketing can include eBooks, guides and whitepapers. Below are some tips to help you promote your business through content marketing.

Good Copywriting

Utilizing good copywriting strategies to enhance your web page will help get your readers to subscribe to your content and share it with others. It’s that simple. When you use proven copywriting techniques you can grow a loyal audience for your businesses. You need to write good copy on your landing pages to collect emails or sell your products. Collecting emails is an important step in your sales process as you can use your list to promote your brand.


A blog is one of the most important steps in establishing a good content marketing strategy. They are search friendly and easily shareable on social media. To support your sales efforts, you should write blog posts about how to use your products or services. You can link your specific product pages within your blog posts. You should create informative articles that don’t even mention your specific products as well. This way you are also providing valuable information that your target audience can use. This will help you establish brand credibility.

Guides and eBooks

Creating free how to guides and eBooks can help you establish a loyal following with your readers. You can require users to provide an email address before you make your eBook available. Once you have strong email list, you can use this to invite your subscribers to learn more about special offers and deals you are providing.

White Papers

White papers are different from blogs and eBooks as they have some direct marketing tied into them. Although most of the white paper is general content, there is a small percent that is made up of direct marketing. White papers can be used as part of your content marketing strategy since they are informative and persuasive at the same time. You can generate leads pretty quickly by offering a free white paper in exchange for an email address, similar to the way that you use eBooks to build your list.

By providing valuable content to different segments  of your target market, you can widen your exposure and create a better ROI on your marketing efforts.

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