5 Ways to Engage with Hispanics Through Content Marketing

If you have a product or service that you would like to sell to Spanish speaking Hispanics, online marketing is the way to go especially social media. For instance, eMarketer estimates that 76.6% of US Hispanic internet users will access social networks at least monthly this year, vs. 69.4% of all US internet users. In addition, a recent Facebook/Ipsos study also found that Hispanics preferred advertising that was in Spanish for Facebook Ads.


Now is a great time to engage Hispanic audiences online, especially if you want to promote your business to this market. Here are a few tips to begin your Spanish language digital content marketing campaign:

1 – Know What Type of “Hispanic” You Are Communicating With
Hispanics come from many different countries in Latin America. US Hispanics are comprised of both recent immigrants from Latin America and also 2nd, 3rd, 4th (and even 5th) generations of people who are both bilingual and bicultural. Those born and raised in the US sometimes speak both English and Spanish and sometimes only English. If your target market is just recent immigrants whose first language is Spanish, you also need to know what country of origin your primary target audience is and then make sure that your Spanish marketing material reflects the local colloquialism of that country.  There are slight differences in the type of Spanish that is spoken in Spain, versus Spanish spoken in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. These differences are similar to the way that English is spoken in the United States versus the UK.

2 – Translations – Use a Human
You will need to translate your marketing material to Spanish and use a human translator. Online translators are not always accurate and each country in Latin America uses different Spanish words for similar items. A good example of this is the word car. The following words can be used in Spanish for car depending on the country of origin: “automóvil”, “coche”, “carro”. A human translator can differentiate between the terminologies. Sales copy should always be done by a human translator.

3 – Find Latino “Hangout” Spots
In order to reach out Spanish speaking audiences, you need to go where they are. US Hispanics have certain websites, celebrities, social media personalities and media outlets that they prefer versus their English speaking counterparts. Your content needs to be promoted in these spaces to reach your target audience. That is why it’s important to work with a marketing company that understands Hispanic / Latino culture.

4 – Use International Localization for Spanish SEO
If you want to reach Spanish speakers within a specific country in Latin America, you can create an all Spanish website and add hreflag tags to the pages on the main site. Google provides a great set of instructions on exactly how to do this. (Your developer should be able to help you with this).

5 – Utilize Press Releases
Press releases are another great form of SEO and most importantly, visibility. If your company has a great story to share, then you will need to craft an eye catching press release. Your press releases can be submitted to regional newspapers, magazines and online portals. There are many major media outlets in the us that cater to Spanish speaking Hispanics. Each of these stations have corresponding websites that include discussion forums, blog sections. These are great places to begin with when planning your online strategy.

  • Telemundo
  • Univision
  • UniMás
  • MundoMax
  • Azteca
  • CNN en Español



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